Flags, a Capture the Flag style sport.

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Coronation (Where 114 Ave and 139 St would intersect, Edmonton, AB)

Central 2
The primary Coronation Park arena, medium sized, and encompassing the Queen Elizabeth Planetarium (QEP). This map is a modification of the original Coronation Park Central Arena and one of the most symmetrical flags arenae. The QEP is out of bounds, including the roof. One of the larger arenae, and given the location of the jails on the opposite end of the arena from where the flags are typically hidden, this arena requires much running.

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A very large (36870 m2) Flags arena within Coronation Park. A somewhat confusing shape, but surprisingly even (based on the few games that have been played here).

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A three team arena to be played with the "Multi-team" modifications of the rules. Any area not designated for a team is "no-man's-land". The south west section is 3192 m2, the east section is 2949 m2 and the north section is 3291 m2 (approximately).

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