Flags, a Capture the Flag style sport.

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Parkallen (6510 111 St, Edmonton, AB) (legend)

The Newer Extended Parkallen Arena
The extended version of the original Parkallen arena is more typically played. This arena is versitile as the southern boundary can be chosen based on the number of players in attendance.

Flags has been played on this map more than anywhere else in the world. Parkallen is the primary location where Flags evolved into the sophisticated sport it is today. A classic Field/Forest map with a perfect ratio of bushy areas and fields.
Parkallen (big)
One side of the large parkallen map is slightly larger than the other, but this is offset by the greater number of bushes and trees on this side. Conveniently one of the jails is in the same location as the primary parkallen arena.
Parkallen Tournament Arenae
These three arenae were used in any official Flags tournament at Parkallen. The primary tournament arena is Parkallen, but depending on the number of teams registered, Parkallen II and Parkallen III may be needed.
Parkallen Multi-Team
This arena has been used in culmination of an official Flags tournament. The top four teams would play at once using the multi-team modifications of Flags. The jails, out lines, and middle lines remain the same as in the Parkallen and Parkallen II arenae.

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