Flags, a Capture the Flag style sport.

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West Edmonton Mall (8882 170 St, Edmonton, AB)

West Edmonton Mall is really where Flags began gaining popularity back in 2005. Unfortunately the last few mall matches have not lasted long due to issues with mall security.

Arena I
Both floors are used, one team gets the South side of the arena and one the North. A large 'no-man's-land' separates the two.
Arena II
One team's side is the upper floor, and the other is the lower floor. The escalators are 'no-man's-land' zones.
Arena IV
To be used with the timed and multi-team modifications. Three teams are required to play this map.
Arena IVb
The same area as Arena IV, one team uses the upper floor (with an extension to the west) and another team uses the lower floor. One jail is above the other in the mapped area.
Arena Vb
The largest West Edmonton Mall map includes everything except burbon street, top and bottom floors. The entire galaxy gateway corridor no-man's-land allows for two crossover areas to either side.

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